Monday, May 01, 2006

The Third Cohort of Gauls

These were painted quite early on in my Roman forces but still stand up well from a distance. The shield design and colour just seemed to say Gaulish to they became Gauls. Over the years this unit has always found itself fighting the same unit of German Auxiliaries on the board and so I like to think there's a little bit of history there between them, which is great for game play and character.

Taking these photos in real sunlight just seems to bring them to life. The shadows caused seem to change the scale of the tiny figures in the photo, so they appear to be life sized....great stuff!

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Scutatus said...


I love the casualties in the foreground, these and the wonderful use of natural light really bring the photos to life. I could beleive these are real men and this is a real battle!

Speaking of which, plainly there has been a mighty battle here. It seems that the Romans have suffered badly and now there's a hole in the lines to exploit! The question is, are the Romano-Celtic Auxiliaries the cause for the breach, or the reserves coming up to plug it?

I love the way that the the light dances on them. You've really gotten good at this! :D