Wednesday, May 24, 2006

War is on the wind (campaign 1)

Rumour has it that the Emperor has fallen sick.........very sick. He has been ill before but this time, it is said he will not recover. Throughout the Empire people wait and hold their breath....'who will be the new Emperior?' is the question on everyone's lips. Troops on the frontiers talk about electing someone who will see to their needs instead of some high paying aristocrat chosen by the Preatorian Guard in Rome. There are a lot more troops on the frontiers however, than there are in Rome and their moans do not fall on deaf ears. Their generals wait also.....not wanting to be the first to declare themselves Emperor by force, but knowing if they wait too long, someone else will rise to fill the sacred red boots. He who commands an army could command the civilised world....if the weather is good and the gods are favourable.

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Scutatus said...

:D Stirrings in the East. Rumblings in the North.
A whisper in the West.
This can mean only one thing... :)

Lovely little presentation Simon. :)