Sunday, May 14, 2006

Gladiators in Roman service

When I was putting together units to fight in a Roman civil war, I tried to think of units with great character and a look all of their own that would stand out against the lines of legionaries. In the civil wars of 69AD, Otho armed and organised a unit of 2000 gladiators to help him fight for the throne. These hard fighting warriors though were matched and beaten by a Batavian cohort who I have mentioned earlier on the blog. This huge killer is Phobeos Fatalus from Germany, he is struggling in his tiny mind with the thought of leaving the arena and adoring crowds to a life of orders and marching. Centurion Vitus however is less impressed with his size, he knowns it is training and discipline that wins Roman battles, not individual strength and prowess.

The blurred photo is owed to the taker being struck with fear at the sight of Phobeus (hence his name), but as you can see he finally joined up with the promise of his freedom tied into the bargain.


Scutatus said...

Phobeus lives up to his name alright. I KNOW. that fellow is worth an army!

Even now my agents are scouring the empire to locate and assasinate him before he can do any further damage.

Scutatus said...

You've done a wonderful job with the figure, as ever. The Brown shield Gladiators have a worthy champion.

And the illustration is simply hysterical. lol You can almost see his rusty cogs trying to move lol