Monday, September 24, 2007

Cappadocia sides with Alanicus (Campaign 68)

The Governor of Cappadocia weighs up his options in the raging civil war and decides to back the latest contender. In doing so, he added yet another Province to the Alanicus war machine. In a matter of four months, Alanicus ( with the help of his Denarii) had persuaded five large and powerful Provinces to come over to him. He was now stretching his hand out further East into the territory of Syria and Mesopotamia. There, many Legions had been stationed to meet the Parthian threat, If they could be bought as easily as their Provincial Governors, Alanicus would be a power to be reckoned with indeed. It was well that Governor Poplicola accepted his bribe, If he had not, Centurion Catulus had other, less pleasant orders. Luckily for Poplicola, the only heads rolling were on the coins that slipped through his greedy, fat fingers.

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Scutatus said...

Good man that Catulus. I knew I could rely on him to get the job done.

So now Cappadocia is also under my sway. Good. Goooood. Everything is proceeding precisely as I have foreseen. (Evil cackle)