Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alanicus strikes Gold! (Campaign 82)

Meanwhile in Egypt, Alanicus was enjoying the warm sunshine, unlike his freezing rivals camped in the frozen north of the Roman world. With his small detachment of the 6th Farrata, Alanicus had secured the city and set about fortifying its walls and borders. The tiny garrison was soon stretched to its limit, preparing for the inevitable arrival of Tullus's African Legions. Below, men of the 6th work feverishly in the African sun to fortify the Capital. The defences would hopefully slow Tullus's armies down long enough for re-enforcements from Syria to arrive and bolster the garrison. With the city under his control, Alanicus soon found (with a little gentle persuasion) the fabled treasure volts of Alexandria. Even Alanicus with his vast fortune, was lost for words when the heavy doors were pushed aside and the true wealth of Egypt was revealed. The riches seemed endless and with their added wealth, Alanicus could see victory finally with in his grasp.
Alanicus watches intently as the doors to the treasury open, he is soon bathed in golden light as the sun catches the vast horde within.

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