Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tullus under pressure (Campaign 85)

With the scanty reports of Secundus moving out of Noricum, the Senate began its appeal to Tullus again to march on Rome and take back their rightful seat of power. However, Tullus had squandered most of his scouting forces looking for the rogue general Flaccus and had no idea of what lay a head. Being ever careful and always suspecting a trap, Tullus was reluctant to commit to the offencive without proper knowledge of the situation.
Flaccus was still at large, causing havoc and Tullus thought it unwise to stretch his supply lines any further until this marauder had been dealt with.

To deal with the growing danger of a rear attack Tullus started to buy over the loyalty of the Army of Gaul, to watch his back and safeguard his trade routes. It was also in this month that a terrible earth quake destroyed buildings in the city of Holdrianus, killing hundreds and adding to the low ebb that now carried through the morale of his army.

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