Saturday, January 19, 2008

Trouble for Tullus (Campaign 81)

It was now the time of Tullus's army to feel the effects of defeat. For the last two weeks a sickness had been spreading through one of the camps, laying hundreds of fighting men low and killing a few. With their supplies destroyed and captured, the medicines requested for the camp were lost; the sick men began to riot.

Things got even worst when the victorious Legions discovered their pay chests were among the waggons and carts stolen by the raiding Flaccus. However, the last straw came when units of Spanish tribesmen started to file into the camps, they had been sent for to replace the light units lost at Valentia. The Legionaries misread the situation and thought they were being replaced because they were too sick to fight, the camp erupted into savage brawling, which ended up with many tribesmen being beaten to death before the troops finally calmed down and order was restored.

Meanwhile in Africa, Funded by the Senate, the town of Leptis Magna was enlarged, how Tullus wished he was there instead of stuck between a mutiny on one hand and fussy senaters on the other.

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BigRedBat said...

The random events table clearly creates a lot of fun!

This all makes me itch to paint my own auxilia, who are languishing someway down the painting queue, whilst I finish painting a celtic army.

Simon (Miller)