Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter in Noricum (Campaign 79)

As the seasons draw in and the roads become wet, muddy quagmires, the armies of the West settle down for the Winter. Taking stock and preparing themselves for the dark cold months to follow, the men busy themselves with collecting fire wood and food, anything to stay warm in these frozen lands. While their commanders busy themselves with making plans for the coming spring. Even now, in these quite months Secundus was plagued by misfortune. For his Generals, began to argue again over the right course of action to take in the spring. Secundus was for launching a full blown attack on Tullus in Aples Gallica, whereas his Generals were for consolidating Rome and the power base of his empire. However, Secundus was eager to have another crack at the Spanish, saying they had won down to luck and not bravery. His men were ready for another go and this time they would crush Tullus's republican goat herders for good! General Dewolfus was ordered to stay in Lugdunensis, (much to his relief ) where he could threaten Tullus's army from the North.

However, General T. Manlius Flaccus split the camp with his demands to march on Rome instead of chasing armies and restoring hurt pride. Flaccus carried a lot of weight in Rome and with the army, Secundus for once, was lost for a words. For days they argued and Secundus knew he needed a victory now more than ever, to pull these jackals back into line.

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