Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another successful Raid (Campaign 88)

For the last two months general T. Manlius Flaccus has been hitting enemy supply lines and trade routes with out mercy, crippling the mighty Spanish war machine and bringing it to a grinding halt. However, Flaccus knows to stay away any longer would be foolish. Already he has ignored several desperate letters from Secundus to return and report. Flaccus knows he is on thin ice and so sends word that he is returning, blaming bad weather for his late arrival. Before he heads for home though, Flaccus plans for one more strike.
Tullus has begun to move his supplies by the cover of darkness to hide them from Flaccus's mounted marauders, Flaccus on the other hand soon learns of this simple ploy and hits another large supply train as he returns through the mountains back to Noricum and up into Pannonia.
Above, Secundus finally receives word from Flaccus and his latest success. Secundus is livid, but knows Flaccus has become a hero figure in the eyes of the army and so is untouchable........for the time being at any rate.

Secundus was so irate at the exploits of his wayward general that he threw another two hundred Pannonians into slavery and refused to shave! He was also heard strutting around his makeshift palace, hammering on the walls shouting "Bring me back Flaccus and my cavalry!"

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