Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Raids of Flaccus (Campaign 80)

With his camp in disarray, Secundus realized that General T. Manlius Flaccus was becoming a thorn in his political side. He thus conjured up a scheme to rid himself of this troublesome General. With Flaccus's popularity being better than ever, Secundus decided to send him on a dangerous mission, that only a man of his "extreme talents could pull off". Knowing full well that the victorious army of Tullus occupied the surrounding hills, Flaccus was sent on a mission to reconnoiter the enemy positions and report back. The latter, Secundus knew would not happen as the renown Spanish cavalry prowled the hills slopes watching every moment and patrol that left Secondus's camp. It was a thinly veiled plot and everyone on Secoundus's staff knew why his top General was being given such a mundane and dangerous task. However, Manlius was no fool and using his adept military know how, slipped by the ever watchful Spanish and started to make plans of his own. Two days out, Flaccus was joined by a large detachment of his Pannonia Horse, which he immediately put to good use in disrupting Tullus's communication network. Then came the pay day, Flaccus and his cavalry stumbled upon a large supply train of re-enforcements and armaments heading for the front. With out a second glance Flaccus launched a lighting attack, capturing the supplies and routing the terrified levies. Sent out on a fools mission, Flaccus was making himself even more popular with his men and the army. This news of a victory spread through the defeated army of Secundus like wild fire, much to the annoyance of Secundus, who soon regretted his bad judgement.

Above, the General T. Manlius Flaccus awaits his orders.

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