Monday, April 26, 2010

Great day out!

Last year Greg requested a few Napoleonic drawings I had made for the Blog, which I sent to him in France, but knowing he would be at Salute; I couldn't help deliver another to him in person. Also alongside me is 'Big Red Bat' who had put together the award winning 'Battle of Zama' game pictured below. When I started this Blog I never would have dreamed I would make friends from It but I have and It's great.

A great looking game and again I was amazed at the painting detail of every figure on the board, very inspiring stuff.


The Colour Kiwi said...

Damn nice looking table.

BigLee said...

I took a load of pictures of the Zama table. It was very impressive, especially when you got up close to look at the details.

The Colour Kiwi said...

God damn i would have love to have seen that. Im working of a 15mm Carthaginian army at the moment based around Zama for the FOG rules set. I should have pics up on my blog in a few days time (currently looking for a new camera)

BigRedBat said...

Thanks re Zama.

I've been trying to think about what we might do at Salute next year. Also about possibly putting a game on in a hotel over a weekend, like they do in Scotland.