Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roman Legionaries

Many years ago, long before I had even heard the word Blog, I set about drawing and cataloging my Roman forces. These pictures were going to be coloured and act as a visual guide to my armies on their stat cards. This way when looking through the piles of units I could find a unit quickly. I found all the old drawing again while cleaning out a draw and I was surprised at how many I had done. Not all of them made it to be coloured but they are still nice studies. Drawn from the actual figures themselves they gave me the chance to try out shield colours and designs before getting the paints out.Gallic Legionary. This man illustrates my III Gallica Legion.
Eastern Legionary wearing Lorica Hamata(chain mail). This man illustrates my XXI Rapax Legion.
Western Legionary wearing Lorica Segmentata. This man illustrates my II Augusta Legion.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

These illustrations are excellent!

airhead said...

Top stuff Mr Mitten love your style

all the best


BigRedBat said...

Love the shield on that Western legionary!

Secundus said...

Thanks, i used to pick designs that were easy to paint. 70 shields can be tricky.