Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roman Revenge

No one does revenge quite like the Romans...remember Carthage?


DeanM said...

Very nice - I like the silhouettes of warriors in the background. Very subtle yet effective. Dean

Roger Andersen said...

Hi there, I'm Roger from Librarium Online. Just wanna know if you are interested in joining our wargaming network?

BigRedBat said...

Carthago delenda est!

Very nice pic!

Consul said...

Wow! Very impressive. Surely one of the best drawings you've done?!

Have you heard about the Eagle of the Ninth film that's coming out?

Sorry I didn't manage to catch up with you at Salute - I was stuck in Europe in the midst of the travel chaos!


Secundus said...

Yes I have heard about it and I've been following It like a hungry dog. It's been renamed 'Centurion' but If wouldn't get too excited, these things have a way of crushing you when you finally get to see them. There's a set piece battle at the beginning which smacks of Gladiator but could be good. After King Aurther I never let my hopes get too high.

Secundus said...

Hello Blackhat, I'd be honoured to join.

Consul said...

I'm afraid you've been misinformed. There are infact two films coming out about the same thing. One called Centurion and one called Eagle of the Ninth which is the Hollywood version with Channing Tatum in, released later in the year.

I think Centurion is the British version.


Secundus said...

LOL thats the best news I've heard all week. I bought a copy of Empire because It had a write up on Centurion and thought this has got to be It. Thats great news...two Roman films in one year is pretty good. I have to say the Centurion film does look a little paints, but maybe the Hollywood film will be better. Again remember not to let yourself get too excited though, it can be a long drop down again. The Phamtom Menace scarred a whole generation I think. said...

Excellent picture mate - love those romans. Unfortunatly i normally play Carthaginians so i should go boo hiss and say "please try your hand at a Carthaginian Spearman" - please :)

You have a fantastic Blog by the way. Inspired me to get off my butt and have a go at one myself.

Truely excellent news on the movie front - Arthur was unfortunatly aweful as have many other fils been but everytime they try i always have high hopes that they will do something good. I was crushed when i heard that both of the Hannibal films had been put on hold. :(

Consul said...

LOL. All of the new Star Wars were rubbish.

Alexander was generally rubbish too.

We'll just have to wait and see on the two Roman films eh?