Monday, April 26, 2010

Spoils of War

I was very good on the day and made myself put back a lot of stuff. These included the Perry's fantastic French skirmishers. I have so many French Skirmishers I couldn't justify any more, no matter how good the Perry's are. I also put back a few boxes of Warlord Games ECW Cavalry, I figure I can buy these nearer the time when I finally start on the era. So I saved myself a pretty penny or two.

I did go and visit the nice chaps on the 'Great escape games' stall and discovered a rule set for adding extra armour to your games, which I didn't even knew existed. I also picked up a few packs of cheap SS to complete my platoon.

The other figures I acquired were two packs of Renegade ECW which for £4 each for 8 figures I thought was a bargain, that is until afterwards when I worked out that Renegade are selling their figures for 46p each anyway. Oh well at least I have them now. My favourite buy of the day though has to be the dice tray, little things please little minds. I think this will be invaluable in games to come and stop dice carnage on the field.
Salute also saw the release of the NEW Warhammer ancients game, which my friend was very excited about. We had a very interesting train journey back after that. So far the rules seem to be an improvement. The Roman army lists are quite basic in the back but I think this is so they can actually release separate books covering the different periods. They are run by Games Workshop/Forge world now, so this is to be expected.


BigLee said...

Oooo that Dice tray looks very nice. Who did you get that from?

Beccas said...

Good haul. I want WAB2 badly.

Consul said...

I don't like the Warlord ECW Cavalry. Bicorne are BY FAR the best. A little expensive compared to other manufacturers but definitely worth it. They also produce some nice dragoons too.

I've not bought anything for 2 months now - a new record! I intend to keep it that way until I finish something off!


Secundus said...

Hi Lee, I'm not sure who I bought the tray off, there were two big dice stalls and they both were selling them. On the day they were reduced to £7 which was a no brainer for me. I think they are £12 normally. It's just a shame I didn't have one of these for my roleplay days, It would of been used every weekend.