Friday, January 22, 2016

Basing the hordes

 Glaurung: Dragon, first and greatest of the Urukloki. Bred by Morgoth in Angband
 This huge, brooding dragon is in fact a plastic toy I picked up in a garden centre. I liked him because he kind of fitted the description of Glaurung, being large and wingless. If anything, his legs could of done with being a bit shorter but I can live with it. I also did loads of research on line about the colours of Glaurung, the ones that really caught my eye were the black/blue ones, So I used them for my painting guides.

 Elrond and his banner guard.
 Elven companies in battle line.
Elven swordsmen come forward to protect the vulnerable achers.

I've really enjoyed painting and working out my Elf army. I want them to have a grace and organisation that my other forces don't have. Messing around with the formations on the bases helped to create the illusion that the Elven companies were very measured and  disciplined in battle. The first rank steps forward to protect the archers so they can keep up a steady fire. Also putting them in nice neat battle lines helped give the impression that they were highly disiplined.
My Orcs and Goblins are all mounted on bases like little warbands and my Dwarves, although they will be in line, will form a rugged shieldwall type affair. It's great to play around with all the different fighting styles and characteristics from the books.


Gordon Richards said...

Superb. Love the dragon....I need to start going to more Garden Centres!

Conrad Kinch said...

Crikey garden gnomes have changed a bit!

Pendrake said...

Where Oh where, might that dragon/garden figure be sold? I would love to buy one.

NaRong said...

I've always been of the opinion that good basing is essential to good looking miniatures; improving the look of even an average paint job,

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