Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dragon Rampant game

Last week I gathered together some figures and actually played a wargame! I know I can't quite believe It myself, anyway I thought the rules were really great fun. It was also great to use my figures that have sat on the shelf for two years gathering dust.

Hopefully baby willing, I will post a more detailed report later and go through the rules in more detail. As for now, I highly recommend them for a  simple, fun game. There is loads of room to let your imagination run wild with this set, which is a must for me.

Spoiler alert:  The picture above pretty much sums up the plight of my Goblin war parties.


Gordon Richards said...

My son and I recently played our first game of Dragon Rampant. Great fun. I particularly like how easy it is to come up with pretty much any warband you like and, with Single and Reduced Model Units, pretty much any size you want. Great system! Shall look forward to your bat rep!

Neil said...

Great picture for your upcoming battle report.

tim said...

I do hope you get a chance to post your game report as i would very much love to read it! I can't stop giggling over that picture!

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture! Are you selling prints?

NaRong said...

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