Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Doodles from the Edge

I've been painting up a lot of wolves recently,,,thousands of 'em and this picture is me just thinking aloud.

 I want to use the old Asgard Dwarf range for my army of the Iron Hills. They fit the bill nicely as they are all dressed very similar in mail and have Spangle helms. Another nice touch is that the figures are all carrying bed rolls and bags of equipment, very much an army on the move. The only down side is that they are quite pricey on eBay but then most of those old eighties figures are now. Still I have gathered enough for a good sized force over the years and I'm looking forward to starting them later in the year. The problem is that Orcs are too addictive when It comes to painting and I can't stop...time to clear the palette with some nice wholesome Elven folk.          


Simon Miller said...

Particularly love that last elf!

Mark W said...


Have followed your blog for some years - always excellent and the recent Dragon Rampant stuff is very interesting!

Just thought this might be useful info for you if you weren't aware- the majority of the old Asgard ranges are apparently available from Viking Forge in the States. I appreciate it's a faff ordering from the US but their prices look very good so even with the import duty they're a reasonable proposition.

It's been a long time so I'm not sure if this is the complete Dwarven range that Asgard originally produced but the Dwarves are listed here and includes a mix of their early dungeon adventurers (a bit crude but bring back fond memories!) plus the later figures which are the ones I think you're interested in:


And Viking Forge also carry Asgard's early 1980s range of Orcs which I think are both stunning and perfect for Tolkien's world - in my opinion they have not really ever been bettered! See here:


Worth a peek!



Secundus said...

Thanks for this mark, I did look them up a few months ago but was put off by their long winded ordering process. If I get stuck for some more figures I will give them another look. Many thanks for your time and advice though very kind of you, Simon.

Mark W said...

I did wonder if you might have seen them already. And yes - I see what you mean about the ordering process! Seems a real shame as I'm sure it must put people off. Will keep on following your posts and cartoons! All the best, Mark

NaRong said...

You can get: All monthly pictures and patreon exclusive sketches or doodles i don't post on any other site. PSDs I did look them up a few months ago but was put off by their long winded ordering process. If I get stuck for some more figures.

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