Friday, January 22, 2016

Dragon Rampant Test Game

 The battle raged on and again the Goblins attacked the Elven battle line. This time a few Elves fell to Goblin blades and a company was pushed back, but yet again Elven arrows struck home and Goblins fell in their droves. It was around this time that Sireen the young Eagle from the Misty Mountains decided he had watched enough and swooped down on the wavering Goblins. His mighty shadow fell over them and they dropped to the ground in fear. His attack was devastating and the Goblins were scattered by his mighty wing beats. Sireen received a black feathered arrow in his neck, however this just made him furious and his assault was doubled.
 The Goblins were taken completely by surprise with the arrive of the monster from on high, panic started to spread through their ranks like wild fire. The huge Trolls had had enough long ago and turned back towards the feet of the mountains, they were too busy plucking arrows from their soft parts and faces to care any more about eating Elf flesh. Their huge iron hammers now lay abandoned in the long grass.
 Seeing war parties turning and heading back to the mountains, the whole Goblin advance started to grind to a halt. Clouds of arrows continued to darken the sky and as the mighty eagle took to the air again the Goblin will to fight evaporated like a morning mist.

 Sireen dropped from the heavens again on the last war party and the beat of his wings seemed to sweep them away. Those that weren't crushed or battered to death, dropped what they were carrying and ran for their lives.
The Elven companies had held strong and weakened the Goblins enough to throw them into disarray. The appearance of the great eagle was the last straw that had broken the Goblin's neck. The battle was over and the vales of Rivendell well still secret and still safe. THE END.

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