Friday, January 22, 2016

Dragon Rampant Test Game

 Well, after collecting fantasy armies for the past 30 years or so I was intrigued by the release of a new set of Fantasy rules. I have been toying around with different rules lately in order to refight the battles of Middle Earth and namely, The Battle of the Five Armies. So when I caught wind of this new set I thought lets just have a game and jump straight in. A new Lego table bought on ebay for my little boy seemed like the perfect place to have it too.

I have to say I really enjoyed the rules and the tinkering you can do with the options/skills to create your perfect units is priceless...and very,very addictive be warned.

 In this first test game we kept the unit points basically as they were in the book. Although I like my Elves and Dwarves to be a little more sturdy than Goblins, so will boost their units up with more armour and skills to better reflect their skill and staying power in future games.

Anyway enough gabbing, lets crack on. So my wife and a friend and I all chose companies of Goblins and Elves, I was the Goblins with my wife leading a band of Elves and a great eagle and my friend had two companies of Elves. All archers I may add you can see were this is going can't you.
 The Goblins being sneaky and fast on their feet got off to a racing start, they tore across the plain with shreaks and blood curdling cries that would of frozen all but the Stout hearted. Along with the high pitched din of the Goblins came the low bellows of the trolls, large Olog-Hai from the north carrying huge iron hammers.
 Against them in their companies stood the fair Elven children of Iluvatar. They remained motionless for what seemed an eternity. Even the great Eagle from the Misty Mountains circled high above, reluctant to make the first move. The Goblin chieftain laughed at the folly of Elves as they just stood there, he could see the giant war Trolls were making good ground on them and soon It would be all over.
 Then finally the whole Elven line seemed to spring to life. A volley of arrows leaped into the advancing Trolls, making one of them stumble, the other carried on, only to be hit by a second wave of arrows from the other Elven company. Both Trolls stopped and beat the ground in rage.
The Trolls were soon overtaken by the small bands of Goblins that came scurrying over the grassland crying for blood.

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