Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attention all WAB Heads

For my money the best WAB rules I've ever come across aren't actually in the rule set, they were designed by a clever chap who's name is lost to history. A few years back my gaming buddy down loaded this alliterative set from the Inter-net and we loved them straight away. They are basically the same of course only that a little more detail has been put into the troop types and for playing a Roman civil war, this was fantastic.

The three rules which are for my money the best in any game I've played, are the different options for Roman fighting styles.They are about three quarters down the page (Gladius Hispaniensis) and give the Roman player the choice to go on the defencive or attack or fight in relay. These three simple choices give an immense feeling of character to the game and allow you to meet threats head on or to attack when the time is right. Really great stuff and for me the most fun element in the battle. The rest of the rules are pretty similar but these three I recommend you incorporate.

They soon disappeared off the Inter-net after we found them and I thought they must be being written into the new rules, but they weren't, so I thought it the least I could do is to post them up and give other players the same enjoyment I get from playing. "Commanding a Cohort has never been so much fun" THE TIMES.

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Der Tsstler said...

I found your post very interesting.
Are you able to upload/show us the rest of the rules/list ??