Friday, July 23, 2010

Celtic Host

Shields painted up and ready for flocking.


Anonymous said...

Really nice work on them miniatures. Just one quick question. How many Celts do you own now? Painted and put on bases?

Secundus said...

At the moment there is now 24 light horse, 40 skirmishers with Javalins and about 5 Warbands of around 36-48 men.

Howvever I would like to add 30 slingers and another 12 light horse to this number. I like the idea of chariots too but don't like the idea of painting them.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of miniatures! Must be a really pleasant view in your cabinet. :)

I think Chariots would be a nice addition to any Celtic force. There are some really nice chariot models out there. Colourful and crowded with frenzied and fearless warriors. And sometimes it could be a nice change to put down some of the ordinary models to paint something big and striking. Painting it can't be to hard for you it seems. You seem to be a real champion on shading and washes.