Friday, July 23, 2010

Fashion tips in 28mm

One little trick that I tried out was a quick way of getting the really small checked pattern you see in all the books. I normally paint crossing lines on the clothes but by dotting down the trousers and tunics the impression of tiny checks can be achieved. I stumbled across this while colouring up my illustrations but It works just as well on the figures themselves. They may look a little rough under the Macro lens, but to the naked eye they really work. Tip of the day.


Consul said...

What colours do you use to paint the main body of the horses?

I can't quite get horses and the AP right.

Secundus said...

Hi Consol, for the British native ponies I use GW graveyard earth and Foundrys Palamino horse colour. For the latter I use the mid tone. I try to add different hues by mixing the two together which provides a bit of variety. Most mid tones should work. However try using Army Painter soft tone for your horses, I found it gave a better result. It works well on Palaminos and white horses.