Thursday, July 15, 2010

Celtic Army

A couple of years ago I pounced on a Army deal going cheap from Foundry. Foundry are very expensive but every now and then they can do good bargains. It turned out even better value as I managed to get a few chariots extra by mistake...result! The deal came with thirty cavalry and with my new found love of Army Painter, those numbers no longer hold any dread for me.

I added 9 figures from 1st Corps and 3 from AandA Miniatures to create a little variety in the horde. Also because there were multiple figures, I did a few crude conversions using plastic heads from warlord Games. I intend to paint them quickly and see how many I can do before I drift on to something completely different.


Scullmeister said...

I agree, I have acquired quite a few Celts in recent times and was also dreading painting the hordes, but AP has fixed that and recent experiments have proved very promising.

I'm interested though... how do you beat the Romans? I recently had a game with a mate, using my Romans and they smashed a Gaul contingent. They're really hard!

Secundus said...

We use WAB and the new edition allows you to make your warbands Stubborn, this gives them a lot more staying power, plus the warbands don't have to be so big.

We are still crewing up for a game, but I think thousands of skirmishers and light horse might be the way forward. Romans are pretty tough to out fight head on...I think flanks attacks might work.

Der Tsstler said...

Some weeks ago I led my barbarians against some Vikings. I bashed them because of the warband rule 3. But at the end some herdmen with a godi flanked my light cavalry and a warband. both fled.

Good luck with your cav.

Davenz said...

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