Friday, July 23, 2010

Celtic Cavalry ready for the dip

I do like using this Army painter and love the way I can get through a whole unit in a matter of days. Being a painter at heart though, I do add like things here and there to improve the result. I like to add my highlights before the dip is used and try to put in as much detail as I can before the big plunge. However the secret is still keep it quick and enjoyable, 40 cavalry figures is a mountain of lead.

Working in groups of six figures at a time can be confusing when it comes to drying time, so I make a note of when the batch will be dry for each one. I have learnt my lesson the hard way and now I make sure I leave them the recommended 24 hours before matt varnishing and retouching.


BigRedBat said...

Mass production!

My own approach to painting celts largely involves sending them to one of my mates who is much better at stripes and checks than me. ;-)

James Brewerton said...

I find that washes work very well over the dip, I use ogran flesh wash over the flesh areas and it puts good colour back into the flesh. I have been painting all the unit at once with AP.

Anonymous said...

Are they on temporary painting bases? If not, does that mean that you have begun to use an alternative to 25mmx50mm GW bases?


Almost Anonymous