Sunday, December 19, 2010

The British withdraw

As the British tank crawls it's way over the smashed wall it takes two Anti tank rockets into it's side. The first fills the tank with thick black smoke and two crewmen jump out and run for cover. The second shot causes the tank to lose control and it swerves right and ploughs into a German vehicle and stops. Grenades soon finish of the tank and what's left of the crew. Lt Proctor has no choice now but to fall back. The British retreat and leave the Germans to occupy the farm and surrounding countryside.
Lt Proctor goes off to find the crewman of the 3 Inch mortar to have a little chat...

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Andrew said...

Good to see you blog bak in action, Simon. Your busted British helmet drawing reminded me of the new graphic novel Two Generals. Have you seen? It's excellent, you'd love it.