Thursday, December 09, 2010

Painting up French Generals and Aide de camps

Finally, Finally.. I've managed to get my head in the right gear to sit down and do some nice relaxing painting again, man alive It's good to be back. These poor chaps have been sitting around for months waiting to be finished. I have a bit of time off for Christmas and plan to do a lot of catching up.
Now that I have rearranged my French units to represent Brigades rather than Divisions (as per the Napoleon rues), I am painting up the Generals in General de Brigade colours. Their Aides also wear the sky blue plumes and sashes of the rank.
After reading about the new Inks from GW I thought I would try some out rather than use Army Painter. They are better than the old GW Inks I think and the coverage seems better, I plan to use them soon on my WWII units to speed up production.

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