Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Cromwell opens up

The tank commander shouts to the near by rifle sections and gets a quick low down of the situation. On hearing of the near by German positions he orders his gunner to open up on the knocked out Panther tank to his front. The high explosive shell hits the tanks and shatters the recon squad taking cover behind it. At last Lt Proctor sighs, something has finally gone his way for once.

As the sound of the British medium tank gets nearer all the Germans can do is stay low and keep out of sight. AT grenades are passed around the squad and the Panzerfaust is prepared.


Paul´s Bods said...

Great stuff. The panther is very well painted.

Allan and Carmen said...

The figures and gaming table look great!

Thanks for taking the time to share the photos and the game :)

Are you enjoying the RoE rules set?

Are they hard to learn?

Is there much book keeping?

Would you be happy to replay the rules more than once? Or is it too limited?

I normally play 40K and have been tempted by the great 28mm WWII figure being released (mainly bolt action).

Happy Gaming,