Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quick March!

Here are some extra Tommies painted in record time using good old dry brushing and Ink washes. It's now that the little black book with all It's colour notes really comes into It's own. Once you know the colours used before for the rest of the Platoon, you can dry brush your way through hordes of re-enforcements. Although I took my time on the others, it is impossible to tell them apart from the new guys. Lesson learnt!

After reading lots of figure painting books about shading and layering techniques It can be quite hard to relax and speed up, I think Army Painter has shown me the light in many ways and brought a lot of joy back to painting. I'm planning on speed painting a load of Celtic Cavalry over the Xmas break with the dip method, I find it really rewarding and fun.
These images are taken with my new camera, which has a great manual focus and more mega!
Mind you there is no rushing insignia and uniform details.

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