Thursday, December 09, 2010

Rules of Engagement so far...

The game started off quite slow but I think that's to be expected of any new game. We played another hour last night after I got back from London and things really started to move much quicker.
I think the game structure owes a lot to Warhammer 40K, which for me is great as It's what I grew up with and I love the 1:1 man ratio. It allows you to become really attached to certain characters within units. The game can be played with about 30 or so figures, although to get the weapon variety for different scenarios, I have ended up with about seventy different figures. This is great if you like painting as I do so I've rather enjoyed having the excuse to paint more.

The battle is well under way now and I'm really starting to enjoy it, I still have a few more units to bring on and the Brits have a tank yet to appear. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with that quite yet. Mortars have just proved to be very affective and have taken the fight out of one of the British Rifle Sections. I'm also enjoying all the different weapon stats and attention to detail that the game offers.

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James said...

Stop that! You're making me think that 28mm platoon level actions are fun!

I totallly DO NOT need another scale right now! :^D