Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skirmish in the Hedgerows

I have to say I really enjoyed this game for many reasons. We have been meaning to test the game for a long while and I have been painting up miniatures for it, off and on, for a good few years now. I found the rules quite straight forward and It's safe to say they have been influenced by Warhammer 40K a fair bit.
One tip that we both came to learn was to put down as much firepower as possible on enemy units, the more hits the better, as this affects morale. Also Mortars proved to be very effective with their blast radius. Snipers, with their ability to pin down an entire Section of men proved very useful as well, as can be seen in the game. We set up on a Sunday and played for a full day, then had an hour on Wednesday evening, then carried on the following Sunday, all day.

I know I must have enjoyed it because I have been busy painting up more options for the British, in the form of PIAT and Sniper teams. This has helped me get my painting head back on which is a really good thing!


BigRedBat said...

Great cartoon Secundus! The game looks like it was a lot of fun.

Alex_Nay said...

Finally become the great "iron mitten, excellent game report and excellent cartoons, well done!!!

Docsmith said...

I'm just getting into WWII 28mm skirmish myself - how much fun is it? I like the small personalised combats better than shoving vast amounts of lead around the table to be honest. Great idea to combine photos & cartoons in your posts - a terrific looking game too. The usual high standard of 'Iron Mitten' posts!


Chevalier de la Terre said...

Excellent reports Secundus, I really enjoyed these.


Allan and Carmen said...

Alright! I'm sold :)

Now what to get first?