Thursday, October 13, 2011

Celtic Shields.

I have had Celtic cavalry riding around my painting table for about three months now...It's time to finish them off.

I drew these ages ago to help with their shield design. The stag I used for
some of the Infantry War bands and I wanted these horsemen to reflect the mounted element of the same tribe. So a white stag running on a green field was choosen to combine the images of strength and speed, things that the Celtic warrior would have wanted to portray in battle.


BigRedBat said...

Those are great, something I certainly couldn't do myself!


DeanM said...

Nice work; they would definitely have a uniform motif. Best, Dean

Anonymous said...

Very nice work. Just love the shield designs and the way you went about it.



Treb said...

Hello Secundus,
Is there a way of getting in contact with you via email? My Friends and I would like to ask your permission to use some of your illustrations in a set of Napoleonic Wargames rules we're writing. Cheers.

Treb said...

Hi Secundus,

Here's my email address. It might make it easier to contact me :)


Andrew said...

Have you seen the votive shields held by the British Museum? There are six little brass shields decorated with La Tene designs. Check out figure E.