Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yanky Doodle went to town riding on a donkey.

Figures from Renegade.

Rough and ready Federal troops line up ready to embark on their movement bases. I want to get through quite a few of these, so I'm experimenting with quick, time saving ways of painting them.

This whole unit (32 I think) were painted all at the same time, I haven't done this for many years, but the nature of the simple uniform lends itself to it nicely.

I also made it more interesting for myself by trying out some new painting techniques. It's an old method but one I've never really used, undercoating in black and leaving enough showing to act as a shade colour. Leaving black around eyes and cuffs and collars etc is something I have read a lot about but never tried. I used to just block colour on and then shade with black ink washes.

Well I tried it and quite enjoyed it. I actually took tips from the Foundry paint guide which was interesting. Of course I cut corners to speed things up and used brown Ink washes on the trousers etc. I'll go through colours used later

I want my regiments to be quite large, so I'm painting them in units of 27 to 32 men, with a few wounded scattered around. I want the bases to be quite characterful like little dioramas.

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