Saturday, October 29, 2011

WWII Quick Painting Guide

The new Citadel Ink range is very good. I have become a big fan of paint washes over the last few years, helped in part by the Army Painter stain results. Horses for courses here though and this Ink drys a lot quicker that AP stain. I prefer it for small units where the painting standard is going to be slightly higher.

The satisfying part of the whole process is painting on the Ink and watching the figure come to life.

I also painted on a little stubble by mixing grey with the flesh tone. This was done before the Ink wash.

The chaps are ready for their Ink shading now all the basic colours have been painted.


BigLee said...

I recently 'discovered' Devlan Mud and had some really good results with it on 15mm figures. I'd never used washes/inks like this before and now I'm wondering how I survived all those years!

mad padre said...

I'm a big fan of Devlan Mud and the whole Citadel wash series. Their Sepia wash also gives nice results.
Secundus, thanks for the tip on stubble, I was wondering how to do that! Must try it.