Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Colour guide for Federal Infantry

As mentioned earlier, I want these units look good but be turned around very quickly. Up close they don't look too good but stand up well from a distance.

The uniform is Foundry's 'French Blue' A, highlighted with 'French Blue' B.

The belts and forage bag are the black undercoat.

The trousers are Foundry's 'Sky Blue' A and B with the odd variant.

Muskets are Foundry's 'musket brown' B and ink washed with brown ink.

Although I painted the highlights on the dark blue tunic the trousers I just washed with brown Ink. This wash was used on just about everything including the blue canteens and musket.

The faces and hands were painted with Foundry 'Flesh B' then given a brown wash with Citadel Inks. Very straight forward and very quick and easy.

The flags are from GMB. I like my flags to be quite dirty and hole ridden but haven't got the heart to butcher these new ones. I might make the exception when the novelty wears off.

New bases and a nice new tight formation. Very firing line. I have tried to give the impression of the chaos of battle by making some of the bases irregular. This is done by adding the odd man and varying the number of figures on a base. Also wounded characters add to the atmosphere of the firing line in action.

A few little touches like giving the odd man stubble really helps bring the figures to life. I just need to remember to do this before I do the Ink washes next time. lots of dry brushed mud up the trousers helps with the campaign look.


Flags of War said...

Good info mate. Thanks for sharing.

Scott B. Lesch said...

Nice! I once noticed that my uniform trousers kept the mud and dust in the folds rather than the part of the folds that stand out. These areas are soon is "cleaned" from tall grass or friction. You've gotten that look with the wash.