Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick painting guide for Tommys.

Static grass and tufts were now added to finished the base.


Another unit of men ready for the big fight.

A tip from Kevin Dallimore here, with the use of Terracotta 'B' to paint the lips. I'm not quite sure myself but it works well from a distance which is the main thing.

You can see here the highlighting on the Ink washed canvas. I love the speed at which you can crack through these small units using washes.

Captain Jeffer's looks ready for business. After this macro photo, I went back and touched up the detailing around his face, got to love the close ups.

I have made this small unit of men part of the Wessex regiments by giving them the Wessex Wyven on their arms.

This is captain Jefften or Jeffer's as his known to his men. It's one of Alan's old Role play characters and It's fun to create him on the gaming table. It should bring a lot more interest to the game.


sebastosfig said...

Bloody excellent. And the washes are a sure way to paint this fellows. Congratulations (and a beer) are in order

Scutatus said...

He gets around that Jeften. Good to see him in action again, albeit in some parrallel universe where Krayt Dragons do not dwell.

Probably just as well. ;)

Bloody good job as always Simon; I love him! :)


I like your work, how do you make the stubble effect?