Monday, October 10, 2011

Through the Paint Hole; 95th Rifles

Hello, and welcome to another 'Through the Paint Hole', this week in the spot light are the famous 95th Rifles.

Their dark rifle green uniforms and black facings gave these men the nick name of the 'sweeps' on the battlefield. They are still some of the most popular British troops of the Napoleonic wars, thanks to many written accounts and a little help from Sean Bean.

Kettle, pot, black I would say wouldn't you...

I haven't got around to painting my 95th quite yet but by looking at this reference, I would probably go for a bottle green washed with black ink and then highlighted with bottle green again. Anyway that's enough from me lets get on with the show...So join me, as we go throoouuughhhh the Paint hole...YAAAAAYYYY

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