Saturday, October 29, 2011

The lost and found Legion

I found ( and repaired) this very old picture today, that I found at the bottom of a cupboard. It was drawn way back in 2001 to celebrate a Secundian victory over Alanican forces. Of course back then It was just a friendly game to test out some rules, It would be many years later that we started the campaign and things turned real.

This black shielded Legion would become the XXI RAPAX in later years, the red shields the II AUGUSTA.

A young Alanicus runs for his life as his battle line breaks up around him. That's torn It!

This will set a common tone in the Alanicus' battles to come. Nothing can stand the might of Secundian troops.


DeanM said...

Nice! I thought it was about that group that supposedly ended up in China :)! Best, Dean

saxon dog said...

Great work and yes DeanM not such a great film :)

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Super pictures and I well understand how projects sometimes take years to actually start.


Scutatus said...

lol. I still have this hanging on my wall. :D

Fond memories.