Tuesday, May 06, 2014

CoE Battle

 My angry Celts could hardly be controlled at this point and were beginning to get quite beside themselves.

 I had five warbands of 36 men and three units of 12 light horse, together with 15 slingers and 15 javelin men. We had stacked it so the Romans would have to fight hard and use all their special tactics to fend off the waves of barbarians. It turned out, for one reason or another, to be a Roman holiday. My poor guys were cut down in their thousands.
                                                     "DEATH TO THE ROMANS!"
 CoE uses command bases differently to WAB, more in a supporting role than as a hero. Command stands follow up the units and help keep them motivated and on track. This noble saw the camera...very vain the Celts.
 Meanwhile the Romans stood in complete silence, waiting for the signal to move.
The Romans had 3 units of 18 legionaries, 2 units of 24 Auxiliaries, 1 unit of cavalry and a unit of 15 javelin men. We wanted to try out the Legion rules in the book so the Romans adopted a chequer board formation.Also one of my warbands was hidden in a secret location on the board.

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Grenzer John said...

Good stuff! I too was a fan of WAB and I have a copy of COE and waiting for a time to game. Thanks for the introduction.