Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The battle begins!

 A Celtic commander thinks about his next move...while he is thinking about it, his army rushes forward in a mad charge.

 In CoE on a roll of 1 on a d6, warbands charge the nearest enemy, this happened all along my line. Knowing what well trained Legionary units do to lone warbands, I had little choice but to charge the all the others as well in true Celtic fashion.
" Now son watch and learn"
"Can't we just play a computer game of it instead dad?"
"No son"
"But all the noises are done for you and everything...and all the men move"
"You're missing the point son, you can't share a bowl of crisps with a computer game son."
"Never mind just enjoy the day"

"Yes son"
"I'm bored"
 The Celtic warbands serge forward in an uncontrolled horde. Some of the warbands even ran through their own skirmishers in their eagerness to come to grips with the enemy. Valuable shots were lost in the confusion.
The Romans advance to meet the hordes, gaining huge bonuses for charging into combat.

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