Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Welcome to the meat grinder!

 Well, with my best warband destroyed in a single charge, things started to go bad for the Celtic masses. Shocked and disturbed by the sight of their brothers' demise, my unit of javelin men turned and broke for cover. However, the nimble Roman Auxiliaries were right on their tails and ran them down before they could reach it. You can see where all this is going can't you. Bloody Romans...Bloody long spears...Bloody Celts!

 Roman Auxiliaries wipe out the last of the skirmishers.
 Then the first bit of good news for the Celts...can they pull it back from here? A warband right of centre charged and hit home against the Batavian Auxiliaries. There was some very fierce fighting but for once the Auxiliaries even with their dreaded long spears, found themselves giving ground. This could be it...
 The outcome of the decimated skirmishers meant that now I had swarms of Roman Auxiliaries running around with nothing to do behind my lines, not good.
I couldn't really wait any longer and gave the single for the hidden warband to emerge! Knowing my old friend very well I had placed them where I knew he wouldn't expect.

I had placed 3 ambush markers down at the beginning of the game. It was the one in the swamp that had hidden the damp and angry masses. He later confessed he had given the other side of the board a wide berth because he was expecting an ambush from that direction. My evil ploy had worked but could I get them into contact in time to make a difference.

My Celtic cavalry charged from the cover of the trees to tie down Roman units.

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