Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Roman Warmachine

 The whole Roman battle line advances in tight formation. The elite Batavian Auxiliary troops open their order and rush forward.

 Legionaries advance behind their Auxiliary troops, ready to finish off any stragglers.
 As it was the first play test of these rules, we did make quite a lot of mistakes that only came to air after the battle was over. One of these was when first contact was made. Long spears can fight in two ranks normally, but when they charge only the first rank is rolled for. This may seem like a simple rule but it meant when they hit my warband with their charge bonus and 12 attacks, the result was the warband was wiped out. At the time I thought something must be wrong because the Romans were wiping the board all along the battle line. The word 'Lightsabres' was using on more than one occasion.
It all seemed to be a bit too easy for the Auxiliaries and I started to dread the words Long spears! However, that's why we have play tests to learn the rules and iron them out.

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