Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Bohemian Miniatures Thirty Years War Range

 Well what can I say... just look at these beautiful figures. I followed a link a few days ago on the ‘Pike and Shotte’ Facebook site and found Bohemian Miniatures. I had never heard of them before so I think they must be quite a new company. They are sculpted by the master Paul Hicks and are all researched thoroughly.
At first I thought they looked a little small, but on comparing them with Renegade and Bicorne miniatures they scaled very nicely. They are a very good match for Bicorne in particular.
Below; Bicorne in the middle of an officer and a Sargent.

 Dismounted Dragoons. The beauty of this site is that you can order figures separately so can cherry pick what you want. I picked a load of Forlorn Hope looking gents in skirmishing poses. The figures are very reasonably priced too, coming in at £1.40 each. They also come with swords that need to be glued on (not pictured).
 My only slight gripe is that the cavalrymen have quite small heads and you have to buy horses from Front Rank to complete the figure. This isn’t too bad as I do have some in the lead pile. The cavalrymen though apart from their fine features are very nice indeed. Although these are Thirty Years War that will fit in nicely to my units.

 Bicorne pikemen surrounding by Bohemian Command.
 A Bicorne musketeer sneaks into a group of skirmishing Dragoons.
 This two pistoled officer above is the flag ship of the collection and is a beautiful thing to behold. I may have to order another so the Royalists don’t get jealous. He is standing next too one of the largest ECW figures ever created by Renegade. They work well together and they would make a good duelling diorama.
 Here we have the ‘big’ line up. Bicorne then Renegade, then Bohemian miniatures. The height works well along the line to which I am very relieved.
 This is my work in progress on Forlorn Hope bases for Victory without Quarter. I have gone for a mix of armoured Dragoon types.

The range covers just about everything you can wish for concerning the Thirty Years War. They truly are lovely figures and well worth a visit, although be careful it may get you into another era you weren’t counting on. However, the single purchase option is ideal for a ECW gamer with a taste for some characterful command figures.


Independentwargamesgroup said...

Thanks for the review. Ive been watching this company and dithering about taking the plunge. The figures are very good.

caveadsum1471 said...

Good looking match to your infantry and you can now expand into Europe!
Best Iain

Anonymous said...

ordered some last month, they are indeed wonderful figures. Nice to see they look fine with Bicorne. Have you got any from Steve Barber or The Assault Group, both have some fine 30yw.
Many thanks for the blog, it is very inspiring.

Secundus said...

I love Steve Barbers campaign troops in raged clothes. They are on my wish list. I do also have some Assault group Ironsides which are lovely. They are slightly small compared to Bicorne and Renegade.

Codsticker said...

I think I am going to have to pick some of those figures up. I have been making command stands and their cuirassiers and officers would make great additions.