Sunday, February 02, 2020

Latest Dip Results

 Two sprays of Testors dull coat and the result is surprisingly good. I think it’s safe to say that this is the way forward for large armies. It has even got me thinking about my other large projects like the  ACW and AWI. In fact the drummer boy here is a sneak peek into what Confederate troops would look like.

Apart from the quickness of painting the figures I think the main advantage is the tough varnish coating. I have a little boy growing up and the idea of tough coated soldiers is a good one.
 I thought the Dip shading on this officer was too much when he was drying, but once dry and matte varnished he looks okay.


Mr Ballista said...

Looking good! Are you dipping horses or still doing the oil wipe method? I've been oil wiping recently, I like the rich colours the enamel paint gives, but having to re-undercoat the saddles and reins afterwards is a bit of a pain. I was thinking about seeing what those contrast paints might do...

Bluewillow said...

Yes you can through a lot of figures on a table and as long as your matte varnish is good it can make your armies look fabulous with not much work.


Secundus said...

I'm lucky at the moment because I oil washed Essex horses who have no saddle, its attached to the rider. Doing some Bicorne horses was slightly annoying afterwards though due to the saddle etc. But yes the latest batch i did Dip wash them aswell because it was easier to do the whole figure and rider together. Just makes the whole process a bit simpler to get it all finished at once, i found the dip doesn't change the horse too much.