Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bringing the Villa to life

33. Looking pretty Roman to me, all that's left now are the doors and rafters. Almost done.
32. For me the real cherry on the cake was when I got to paint the red surrounding border along the building base, that to me, makes it shout out Roman.31. The walls are painted white....of course.30. With the model completed I took about under coating it in acrylic paints, spraying the roof tiles black at first to give them better shading.

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Scutatus said...


You are right. This is as Roman as can be. And what a fantastic job it is too. With the uneven plaster walls, first floor windows, bricking around the doors, the pillars and the out house, all the little details come together so perfectly. The attention to detail is so impressive. This looked amazing even before the paint, but now with the red paint and authentic looking roof tiles it has completely come to to speak.

Simon you are the master. Briliant job. This step by step "how to" has been fascinating. I grovel before your magnificence. :D

Tony is a very lucky landholder.