Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Villa is finished

Here is a turn around of the finished Villa with its finished doors and windows. I had real fun in researching this project and I'm quite pleased with the results, although I think I've made the tiles a little too rough and ready for a Roman Villa...oh well. I plan to make another similar building quite soon so maybe I'll try something different. In a way, the rough tiles to me make the Villa look very British and weather beaten, so I think the look is actually starting to grow on me. Next up is the base, on which will be a walled garden with fruit trees etc, First I need to find a suitable piece of wood to base it on.
In colder, wetter countries, Villas adopted the covered colonnade to keep out the rain and snow. These were very common in Britannia (no surprise there). However, with Tony being from Rome, he has decided to have the best of both worlds and has also Incorporated an open colonnade at the front, from the Italian styled Villas of home.

All in all, this Villa has been about thirty hours in the making. Fun though I have to say and a very educational too. Unfortunately Tony won't have time to enjoy his new home, after he receives a bear skin cloak made of Milliput, he is off to join the Army of the Rhine's high command, along with some of those drunken officers seen earlier. Don't worry he'll be fine, mind you he will need all that fur lining where he's going.


Scutatus said...

It looks beautiful Simon, simply beautiful.

Personally speaking I don't think the tiles are too rough at all. Back then they weren't blessed with the luxuries today's builder's enjoy. Tools and aids were far simpler (no lasers or electric jigsaws for them!) It was all done by hand and eye, with simple brawn. Since it was all done by hand - and since there wasn't much in the way of international corporations to regulate standards - I'm sure quality of construction varied considerably one building to the next, depending on the skill of the local builders.

The tiles give this project character - the "human touch" - and help make it very beleivable and lifelike. I wouldn't change a thing. In my opinion your Roman villa is easily worthy of the name.

It looks great. I'm very impressed. Way to go Si.

I feel sorry for Tony, but at least he has a lovely place to retire to now. If he survives his twenty year service that is...

simon said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Alan and your support on the blog, such praise...well I don't know what to say. Thankyou.