Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New day and the sun's up

21. back inside, I set about putting the finer detail on the roof. These rafters are just cut up Bolsa wood sticks. This was quite pain staking work but I knew it would be worth the effort, It was around about now I finally realized this was going to be an all or nothing project.
20. With Tony moaning about the noisy night I thought it was time to add the doors. I made these out of Bolsa wood, which I had scored with a pencil to make a plank effect in the door. Spending a little extra time on tiny details like these really pays off when the model gets painted.19. A proud little Roman shows off his new house.18. A new day brings new ideas and both Tony and I are up at the crack of dawn.17. With out any windows or doors in place, Tony was kept awake all night by drunken passers by.

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