Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Little Tony plans the roof and colonnade

Below, Little Tony over sees the construction of his new country Villa, If only he knew that when it was finished, it would have hundreds of dirty, sweaty soldiers stamping and crashing through it....I think he would choke on his Dormouse, best not tell him eh.
8. Ok, now we're getting somewhere. With the addition of a covered Colonnade (very Romano-British!) the foam card house starts to look more like a Villa. Up to now the Villa has been designed using the illustration from the Warhammer rule book, but now there is the front to think about and the far side, all of which will have to be designed from scratch. This problem would be worked out by sketches on the train to work and taking tips from other picture books.

7. An idea a friend gave me and one that I had completely overlooked, was the possibility of removing the roof to place figures inside the building. I had planned to seal the structure up and have done with it but the suggestion was a good one and so it went into the mix. Thanks Alan.
6. So using the book illustration, I started to recreate the shape of the building and work out the side doors and windows. Again, once you've cut the pieces out, the structure just seems to leap up and look almost finished. Tony helped again in getting the 'wings' of the Villa to scale and looking right. 5. In this photo you can see the tiny line drawing that kicked my creative juices into overdrive. I tried to stay as close as I could to the illustration because ever since I saw it , It has always captured my imagination and I think it has loads of charm.


Scutatus said...

Nice Roof. ;)

Pleader said...

How absolutely funny is the cartoon at top! Nice villa too...