Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Doors finished

"Alright, alright...enough about the bloody making of the thing! get on with the painting man! for the Sweet love of Jupiter!"
29. With the Milliput door surrounds dry I now added the Bolsa wood doors. Again, I scored them with a pencil and tried to get as much detail as I could into the hinges and cross bars. This was done by carefully dotting tiny drops of Super glue with a needle along the cross bars, when dry and painted they will give the effect of iron rivets.


Scutatus said...

Gosh, that Tony has been a busy little bee hasn't he? So much done in so little time.

What a fantastic construction. Well done Simon, jolly well done.

Martha said...

Wow! Very immpressive.

Who'd have thought that a 28mm guy, like Tony could've been so productive in such a short period of time. He makes the borrowers look like a lazy, bunch of moaning time wasters.

Kirk said...

You say all that, but Tony came round last week to put up a new shed for me and now I've got to cut my grass with a 28mm scale lawn mower!