Wednesday, September 12, 2007

making slaves quarters into the night

14. It's getting late now and little Tony is no where to be seen, Romans never stay up too late. The roof below is now completely finished with a piece of dowling along the apex of the structure to look like capping tiles. So far I've clocked up about eight hours of cutting and sticking. Time for a break, I think I need one....where's Tony got too?

13. This being the slave quarters and hidden from sight around the back of the Villa, I decided to make it look a little second class. The slaves would have to live with tiny windows and a small wooden door. Still, what it lacked in style it made up for in charm. When finished, this little corner of the Villa with its wooden detail would be my favourite part of the building.12. Although I hadn't planned it, I thought the Villa looked a little small so I started to work out another 'wing' to add onto the end of the building. I would have liked it to be quite large, but the base had to be brought into consideration, so I opted for something half way. The slave quarters were born.13. here we see the Villa with all of its roofing almost finished. look there's Tony, good of him to turn up at last.

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Kirk said...

I like the effect the night time lighting has.