Sunday, June 07, 2020

Another Squadron on its way.

 I’ve overlooked these Dixon figures for many years, but they paint up very nicely. They have the classic buff cross belts that look great on the back of the figure. They match up very well with the Essex miniatures as they are all true 28mm.

For the armour I used ‘pig iron’ by P3 paints. Over this I painted a coat of ‘smoke’ by Tamiya. The results were good but I might go a little darker on the armour next time. In many cases the armour would have been painted black to protect it against rust, this is a striking look and it would be great to capture it.
 This time around I went for a very yellow buff, which the Dip seemed to shade very well. The yellow used was GW Zamesi Dessert. This matched lovely with Zandri Dust that I used on the gloves. These two colours match the Osprey illustrations exactly.
The commander below is from Foundry, I’m not sure purple sleeves says Roundhead to me, I might tweak that later.

 Buff is still my favourite thing to paint.

Below is an example of the real article from the Royal Armouries. That buff is a real yellow in colour and contrasts nicely with the blackened helmet.


Codsticker said...

I admit that I have stayed away from Dixon figures as they looked like they would nit fit well with my Perry's and Warlord figures. Yours do look very nice though. When I started painting my ECW I did all the buff coats yellow but moved to a warm grey (Coat D'Arms Roan); your work and that last picture inspire me to get back to painting them yellow.

Secundus said...

It’s always good to have a mix of buffs I reckon. I stayed away from pure yellow and stuck to the buff coloured paints. However, when you do the research and actually look at the real thing... they are very very yellow.
It’s a good device to give different regiments character though with their own variety of buff coats.